Lion Robert Kennedy

Awarded Melvin Jones Fellowship by club

Presented on May 31 2007 by DG Elect Hallis Anderson
Joined Glendale Evening Sept 2002.

Lion Robert has been an inspiration and a dedicated Lion the years that have followed. Some of his accomplishment & responsibilities have been:

Club Secretary 2003-2005
Zone Chairman 2005-2006
Sight & Hearing Chairman 2003-2005
Club President 2005-2006, 2013-2014
Leadership school 2004
Certified Guiding Lion 2003

Robert has also never failed to be involved with the fundraisers that are ongoing in our club. Whether it be our spaghetti dinner,St Patrick’s day dinner, semi annual yard sale or recycling aluminum cans.

Robert is always there. He’s there for us when we need someone to test children’s eyes or give flags to first graders. Robert never misses a White Cane campaign or the opportunity to volunteer when there is a call from the district for volunteers. Special Olympics, Walk for Sight to name a few. When he’s not busy with the above he’s working with his neighbors to help the elderly in his home park.

Robert is a frequent visitor to Camp Tatiyee, where is skills as an electrician come in ever so handy. Robert is currently running to be elected to the board at Camp Tatiyee.
There is no doubt that Robert has in a few short years given of himself to the Lions and we are very grateful to have him in our club.